New Eden

Board Game and Book in Progress

A little about this future saga

The Cataclysm

A cataclysm takes place that ravages human controlled planets. Desperate for resources they sending scouting ships to find new habitable planets.

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Eventually humanity finds a resource-rich mega-planet, but unfortunately they’re not the only ones.

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Book 1

Goal 1: Move rest of worldbuilding/story notes to Encyclopedia by May 4th, 2023  (In Progress)
Goal 2: Complete first draft by June 1st, 2023 (In Progress)
Goal 3: Complete second draft by July 1st, 2023
Goal 4: Beta reader read-throughs and feedback completed by September 1st, 2023
Goal 5: Complete Draft 3 by October 1st, 2023
Goal 6: Editor Read Through and Corrections (After All Books Written)
Goal 7: Complete Final Draft (After All Books Written)
Goal 8: Cover Art Rough Drafts (For All Books)
Goal 9: Cover Art Final Drafts (For All Books)
Goal 10: Typesetting (For All Books)

Notes to Encyclopedia

First Draft

Second Draft

Beta Readings

Third Draft


Final Draft

Cover Art Rough Drafts

Cover Art Final Drafts


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Project Seed

Goal 1: Version 1 (Finished)
Goal 2: Version 2 (Finished
Goal : Alpha Test
Goal 3: Version 3 (Finished)
Goal : Alpha Test 2
Goal : Version 4
Goal : Finished Hazard Cards (Version 2)

Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Version 1

Version 1

Version 1

Version 1

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